How it works

Each Head Piece has a price for purchasing the piece or hiring the piece. We never sell a hired Head Piece as new. Each hired headpiece will have a purchase price for either hiring or buying second hand.

​Purchasing a Head Piece

  • Find the head piece you love

  • buy your chosen piece

  • make sure you put your email address as part of the purchase information

  • we will receive confirmation of the purchase and will email you back to discuss the following:


Each piece is fixed using elastic. You have the choice of having elastic that matches the head piece or elastic that matches your hair colour. 

Colour of head piece

If you see a design that you love but want a different colour combination Isidora will work with you designing the colours you would prefer. The finished piece will not be identical to the original piece as it is hand crafted and unique, but it will be very similar.

Hiring a Head Piece

Each Head Piece